Day of Truth

Woman Poetry Workshop Road Trip to New York…


November 26th 2017 was a day of truth one like no other. I drove to New York to attend a yoga workshop in Long Island at Sunshine Barre Studio @sunshinebarrestudio  A 3.5 hour class guided by Jade Alectra  @jadealectra  This was a personal growth and empowerment type of Yoga workshop which began with everyone introducing themselves and stating what brought us there to attend the workshop. Followed by a yoga class, meditation then each person took a turn standing to face the mirror  and spoke as honestly as possible about the things that they feel are holding them back. I was terrified to speak but I drove 9 hours to get there, I was determined to be as open and honest not only with these women but with myself. So I swallowed my fear, took a deep breath and with my voice shaking, I did it… it changed me. Jade was such an incredible guide throughout the whole workshop. She created one of the most loving and non-judgemental spaces I have ever experienced. Her energy, her love, her capacity for forgiveness and compassion is awe inspiring and infectious. Jade teaches us how absolutely imperative it is to be raw and honest about the things that hold us back from fully loving and breathing true joy into our lives. There is no sugar coating that can hide us from ourselves.  We can’t skip the struggle. True healing requires embracing everything even the bad stuff. I learned that if we dig deep enough into our own hearts we can overcome anything.

I spent most of my life trying to figure out who I wanted to be but never took the time to get to know who I already was. I spent most of my life looking for love and acceptance from other people without ever truly giving it to myself. I’ve learned that we can never give to another what we cannot give to ourselves. This is where I finally found my starting point. I had already been practicing yoga for four years, in that one day I made more mental and emotional progress than I had in the four years prior and I’m so grateful for it. I came back from New York feeling more confident than ever. My creative process and ability to share it is flowing with the force of ocean waves. xo

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